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Christmas CD

A project by: Corpus Christi College Oxford

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This project received pledges on Sun 07 Feb 2016
Corpus' choir is producing a CD featuring Christmas music over the past five centuries.

The Corpus choir is in especially fine voice at present.  The College is committed to supporting a choral programme which is led by junior member organ scholars, providing them with an exceptional opportunity for professional development.  I encourage all Corpuscles and our friends to follow my lead in ordering a CD that I promise will deliver a magnificent feast of music.

Prof Richard Carwardine, FBA



  • The CD will go on sale in 2016 and continue to be marketed throughout 2017 and beyond.
  • The CD will consist of popular and enduring Christmas music, drawn from the five centuries that the College has been in existence.

why fund us?

The CD is an exciting project which will enable the current generation of choristers to leave their mark on the history of the college. It will also attract future singers and is a potential source of income for the choir to support new projects. At the moment we have an outstanding choir, three organ scholars, and a once-in-500-years opportunity. There is no better time for us to be recording a CD than at present! The CD will come out in 2016, the year before the anniversary celebration starts. Needless to say, it will make a lovely Christmas present.

When do I receive my reward?

The rewards are designed as a way to record your contribution to Corpus’ first crowdfunding project. The production of the CD will take place in 2016 and it will be delivered straight to your door later in 2016 before going public and just before Corpus begins the feast of celebrations planned for its 500th year in 2017. We will be in touch with our most generous sponsors to arrange a time for our top rewards.


Recording took place in Oxford in the beginning of December 2015. An overall amount of GBP 2160 will be necessary to cover the costs. The college is matchfunding the project with GBP 1000. So we are trying to raise GBP 1160! Any additional funds raised will benefit Corpus Music. Here is a detailed cost break-down:

GBP 400 - Sound engineer salary
GBP 1,500 - Editing the CD
GBP 100 - Producer salary
GBP 160 - Other costs

Help us succeed!

Thanks for coming to our website! Every donation you make is doubled by Corpus Christi College via matchfunding (up to GBP 1000). We highly appreciate this initial funding from the college. If you like our project how can you support us?

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